MPP Engineers, LLC

Marine Structures


 The project involved the evaluation and repairs design for an existing 20+ years old marina facility. The existing bulkheads and docks  are constructed of timber. The marina is separated from the adjacent Barnegat Bay by a precast concrete breakwater structure.

The evaluation was completed from both the land and water side. A small boat was used to complete the water side evaluation.

The purpose of our investigation was to identify any  deficiencies and prepare a prioritized list of required repairs  and anticipated service life of the structure and its components. We also prepared a cost estimate  to help the owner budget and plan for the future repairs.



Seaside Park Marina Evaluation

Seaside Park, NJ

MPP engineers performed a condition assessment of two existing piers at the former Naval Reserve Training Center in Perth Amboy, NJ.

The purpose of our investigation was to determine the current condition of the structures and evaluate them for future adaptive reuse as part of a 49 acre waterfront redevelopment project.

One of the piers consisted of steel H-piles supporting cast in place concrete beams and precast plank.

The other pier was constructed of timber piles and timber beams supporting a combination of timber decking and cast in place concrete slab over corrugated metal decking.





Landings at Harborside Pier Evaluation

Perth Abmoy, NJ

We provided a structural evaluation of an existing failing bulkhead located near the Barnegat Bay. The bulkhead was constructed of timber face piles and dead men and vinyl sheeting. A field investigation was performed to gather information about the existing structure. Based on our findings we performed an independent analysis to verify the causes for the failure.


Residential Bulkhead Evaluation and Litigation Support

Toms River, NJ