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Serving the City of Elizabeth, the Port Authority of NY/NJ and portions of Newark    Liberty Airport, this 2 story, 22,000 SF facility consolidates the Hazardous Materials Command Unit, a standard engine and ladder company and a maintenance shop.  The  building accommodates 8 to 10 full time occupants with the ability to house up to 30 personnel during an extreme emergency event.  The facility has 2 drive through bays and 2 standard bays to accommodate the haz-mat and engine/ladder company.  The  maintenance area has a total of 3 bays including one that provides drive-through    capability.  The facility includes office space and training space, a day room and kitchen area, laundry facilities, lockers, a dormitory, fitness center, restrooms and a gear wash down area. 



Elizabeth Emergency Response Center & Ladder Company

Elizabeth, NJ

The MPP engineer involved with this project provided structural design services for the 13,530 SF and 11,170 SF, one story, north and south expansion to the existing Library, respectively.

The single story steel framed structure utilizes open web steel joists, steel girders and columns and ordinary steel moment frames. 

The building featured multilevel roofs to allow natural light in the building.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was accommodating the curved shapes of the building at one of the additions.





The building structure is constructed using composite concrete floor slabs on metal deck.  The floor and roof framing is partially supported by a steel frame and partially supported by load bearing masonry walls.  The building also features a unique  “fire hydrant” shaped tower near the center of the facility.