MPP Engineers, LLC


This  $22 million dollar project was completed in 2009. It was sponsored by the Ironbound community corporation and was the first affordable housing project to be constructed in Newark’s East Ward in 30 years.

The MPP Engineer involved provided structural design for an 80 unit 3-story wood frame residential building over a one story composite steel framed garage.

The floors of the 100, 000 square foot building were constructed with “open joists”. The open joist product was selected because of its competitive pricing, speed of erection and reduced weight when compared to metal plated trusses. The MPP engineer worked closely with the truss manufacturer, Universal Forest Products, to coordinate clearance requirements for the mechanical systems and avoid conflicts during construction.

The building lateral system is a combination of concentrically braced steel frames located within the demising walls and light framed shear walls along the building exterior. CMU shear-walls were utilized at the garage level.




Pacific Apartments

Newark, NJ


Originally designed with load bearing concrete masonry and precast concrete floor plank, the original design team was unable to satisfy the program requirements while meeting the developer’s budgetary constraints .  The contractor and developer needed to utilize a structural framing system that would considerably reduce the overall     construction cost of the project.   The MPP Engineer that re-designed this building  utilized light  gage load bearing studs with light gage floor joists and a cementitious  subfloor system to  produce a non-combustible framing system that was capable of supporting all of the design loads  while saving the Owner close to $1M in construction costs.






Highland Park Senior Housing

Highland Park, NJ

This 3 story 82 unit multi family residential building constructed of premanufactured floor and roof metal plated wood trusses supported on wood stud walls provides affordable senior citizen housing.

Light framed shear walls were selected for the building’s lateral system.

The MPP engineer  coordinated with the architect, developer, MEP and truss manufacturer to ensure compatibility of the selected structural and HVAC systems.

Lindenwold Lakes Senior Housing

Lindenwold, NJ

This 55,000 SF, 5 story senior housing building was constructed on a sloping site with limited staging and storage areas.  The building has a partial basement, conventional spread footings and fire-retardant wood trusses for the roof framing.  The lateral loads on the building are resisted with light-gage flat strapping used to create concentric braces at strategic locations within the building.  Due to the limited size of the       construction site, all of the framing was constructed and built in the field.  This      required additional construction oversight and quality control to insure that all of the connections were properly completed.