MPP Engineers, LLC

Religious Facilities

The project consists of a single story 13,200 SF church addition consisting of a new worship space, choir room, sacristy, offices and small gathering space.  The building features a complex worship space with a multi-faceted geometry.   The main worship space is dome shaped with a linear connecting link to the existing building.  The building is clad with brick and stone veneer with a masonry back up and also consists of large stained glass windows.  

Our Lady of Snows

Queens, NY


Since the worship space required a large column free layout, the roof structure was framed using a steel frame tension & compression ring structure.  The typical column size consisted of a W24 with W24 main beams spanning approximately 60 feet.  The center compression ring structure consisted of four C12 x 25 channels, stacked two tiers vertically, with a 1/2" thick plate top and bottom and curved to form a 14'-0" diameter closed box section 1'-0" wide by 2'-0" deep.  The tension ring framing consisted of W14 beams connected to the W24 columns.  One of the challenging aspects of the project was that the dome structure was pie shaped with a partial sliver cut-out resulting in unbalanced loading and excessive deflections.  In order to offset this, horizontal diagonal bracing was introduced in the plane of the roof.  The bracing extended from the center compression ring to the perimeter tension ring.  The foundations consisted of isolated spread footings and the lateral system consisted of steel braced frames.  The church opened in 2008.